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Scoring & Composition

My repertoire for scoring projects has been growing rapidly over the last year. I have a number of projects currently in development, including work on a AAA video game title, which I cannot yet disclose. Please see below for a list of my published work; my work in scoring and soundtracks can range from a complete composition to session work including improvisation and performing pre-written parts

I specialize in harp with effects but also add additional layers and textures using synths, additional session musicians, and a wide range of software instruments.

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Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken (2023)

DreamWorks Animation

I worked with composer Stephanie Economou on the score for the DreamWorks film Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken. I recorded and performed harp cues that were provided to me, and I also provided improvisational harp phrases that I thought would best suit each piece. Since I could not see the film beforehand, I based my compositions and effect textures on the descriptions Steph provided of each scene. I added a variety of effects to the harp and provided many options to composer Stephanie Economou to choose from, often times playing the same phrase through different effect pedals to provide a wide variety of textures to choose from.

Heavenly Vessel (2023)

The Line Animation

I composed, performed, recorded, and mixed the original score for The Line's short film, Heavenly Vessel, as directed by Venla Linna. The score was developed alongside the animation, so my inital references for the project included some basic storyboards and sketches. This allowed for the animation and music to grow alongside one another and inform each other. The scope of work included frequent virtual meetings with directors from The Line each week over the course of approximately 45 days to discuss the direction of the music and make edits as needed based on the feedback of the directors. I made many edits to the score based on the animations becoming more complex and detailed than they were before, which altered the mood of the scene. 

A look into my process

Secret Sawce

In 2023 I began a successful series on my YouTube channel called Secret Sawce, where I am challenged to write music to accompany an existing video game without hearing what the real score sounds like. I typically am also forced to use a mystery item in the compositions, and have very limited time to create the music. You can see some examples below and find more on my YouTube channel.

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