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About Emily Hopkins

Emily began playing harp in 2001 under the instruction of the late Jeanne Fintz-Goldstein, who was a member of The Angelaires and student of Carlos Salzedo. Emily was a part of The Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of NY, performing in Carnegie Hall in 2009, and is a 2012 member of MTA MUSIC (Music Under New York).


She attended CUNY Hunter College and studied harp under the instruction of Alyssa Reit and graduated from the Muse Scholar Program with two Bachelor's degrees in Music Performance and Media Studies. Emily is now a professional electroacoustic harpist, composer, and YouTuber who mixes the harp with emerging music technology, including pedal effects, modular synth, and other forms of sound manipulation. Her most recent notable work includes being a featured performer in the DreamWorks feature film Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken (2023), and the composer for the soundtrack to Heavenly Vessel from The Line animation studio.

Emily works on all projects with her partner Russ, who is a professional audio engineer, and they are currently composing and recording for films, video games, and art installations together from their studio in Long Island, New York. 

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