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May 2024: Artist Spotlight - Harp Lady is here! - Sinesquares


August 2023: A Catch-up with Emily Hopkins and a Teenage Kraken! - Camac Harps


June 2023: Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken Shares Its Monstrously Good Main Theme - Screen Rant


June 2023: How Ruby Gillman composer created a special "Kraken Language" for new DreamWorks film - SYFY

May 2023: Emily Hopkins and Russ - Object Worship


April 2023: EmilyHarpist & Russ Fro - Mid-Riff Podcast

April 2023: Madison Cunningham, Mateus Asato, Yvette Young and Emily Hopkins demo the new Universal Audio UAFX effects pedalsMusicRadar


February 2023This is the best way to respond to mean comments online The Verge


January 2023: Playing a Harp with a Talk Box  The Awesomer


December 2022: Featured in Performer Magazine

October 2022: Featured on EarthQuaker Devices Board to Death Ep. 40

August 2022: This Is What a Harp Sounds Like Through Different Pedals -

August 2022: Hear The Ethereal (And "Ridiculous") Sounds Of A Harp Run Through A Wah Pedal - Guitar World

August 2022: Featured Guest on Leighton Night with Brian Wecht

June 2022: Featured Guest with Rob Scallon

June 2022: Guitarists Aren't The Only Ones Buying Up Guitar

April 2022: Console Pedals  The Awesomer

October 2021: Featured Artist on Bandcamp Release Radar

August 2021: Harpist Rocks Heavy Metal Using A Distortion PedalNerdist

August 2021: You'll Never Be As Metal As The Sound Of This Harp Run Through A Distortion Pedal - Guitar World

August 2021: Harp Player Uses Ultra-Heavy Distortion Pedal, Makes Harps Sound Disgustingly Cool The Pit

June 2021: Featured Performer for A Few Nice Sounds - Hologram Electronics

April 2020: 10 Up-And-Coming YouTube Channels You Should Know -

November/December 2019: Featured Performer at Shine On Celebration - Hudson Yards, NYC

April 2019: Art For All: The 2019 Free Art Auction Gala at Philips - Cultured Magazine

November 2018: Featured Performer at A Celebration of Art and Artists - Parrish Art Museum, NY

June 2017: Featured Collaboration Work with Erik T. Lawson at NYCEMF 

August 2016: Featured Performer at Serious Moonlight Benefit - LongHouse Reserve, East Hampton, NY

July 2016: MTA Music Under New York Celebrates Mozart Musicians - Mass Transit

March 2016: Featured Performer for The World News Now Polka - ABC News

July 2015: 'Classical Commute' Interview - WQXR

July 2013: Featured Artist for Members Only Lookbook Campaign

February 2013: Featured Artist at Grand Central Terminal's 100 Years Celebration

May 2012: 25 Performers Win Coveted Spots in 'Music Under New York' Contest - DNAinfo

May 2012: Musicians Vie For Subway Performer Spots - New York Post

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