Content Creation

I began my journey with effects pedals to showcase the versatility of the harp, to discover new sounds, and to have a great time doing it! My musical explorations range from effect pedal demos to original music and general music content. I really enjoy taking risks and incorporating humor into my videos whenever I can! Due to the diversity of my content, my audience is not limited to effects pedal enthusiasts and harpists, but extends to all artists, musicians, and composers who are interested in creating and discovering new sounds. 

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I have been playing the harp for over 21 years and am classically trained with a BA in both Harp Performance and Media Studies. I now create content on YouTube to an audience of over 100,000 subscribers, and regularly create original music on streaming services. My partner Russ is my audio engineer and video producer, and we work closely together to make the most engaging content possible. 

I work as a composer, arranger, and session musician in my professional studio. I have worked on various short film scores, video game scores, and albums.


Russ and I livestream on a regular basis every Wednesday evening and are very grateful for our ever-growing community, which has now extended to Discord. We are extremely proud to have such an inclusive and positive community. 

My goal is to make the harp as accessible as possible, and to break any stereotypes that may be associated with harpists, harp music, and how the harp "should" be used.


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100,000+ Followers