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I began my journey with music technology to showcase the versatility of the harp, to discover new sounds, and to have a great time doing it! Due to the diversity of my content, my audience is not limited to harpists and music gear enthusiasts, but extends to all artists, musicians, and composers who are interested in creating and discovering new sounds. My audience is the most important factor when it comes to the content I create, and I see my channel as a curation of music tech and gear that I personally love and can honestly recommend. Please email me for rates and availability, and see below for my current offerings.

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Video Demonstration

effect pedals, plugins, music tech products

I have a YouTube channel dedicated to long-form music technology product demos, with a heavy focus on effect pedals and plugins. This channel has a high concentration of viewers interested in purchasing effect pedal and music technology products.


Please note that this is a separate channel than my main YouTube channel. All of my paid product demos now go on this channel. If you would like me to create a sponsored demo video of your product, this is currently the only method to do so. I will permanently hold the gear for the chance to be included on my main YouTube channel, featured in short form content, or for general repeat use over time. I can not guarantee when, how, or if it will be featured on any other media platforms at all.


 Sponsor Segment

dedicated portion of YouTube video

I will insert a creative sponsor segment about your brand in the first half of a video on my main YouTube channel.

This will typically be between 30 seconds and 1 minute in length and is no longer limited to music-adjacent brands or products.

Short Form Video

youtube shorts, instagram, tiktok

Currently, my short-form videos have the highest volume of viewership on any of my platforms. This is a great way to get seen by a high volume of people, but I require complete creative freedom in the creation of a sponsored short-form video. Please contact me via email to inquire about sponsoring a short-form video.

You can see my short-form videos here:

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For Your Consideration

no fee, no guarantee

At the end of each year, I host an award ceremony for the best effect pedals that were released throughout the year. This includes real trophies, special guests, and acceptance speeches from the winners (both virtual and in person). There are categories for various effect types, each with a maximum of 4 nominees.


This form is for all brands who have not already sent me their pedal(s) this year for content creation or testing. Please fill out the linked Google form with an inquiry. The cutoff date for this is November 1.


Please note that if you send me a pedal for EMMAs consideration, there is no guarantee of nomination. I may feature it in unrelated future content, but with no guarantee if, when, or how it will be featured. Since I'm unable to forecast when it may be featured, I will request to keep the gear. If I agree to return your gear on a requested date, you will be responsible for all return shipping costs (including customs/VAT/duties). Due to the volume of pedals I receive for this, please do not follow up asking if it has been tried, tested, or the status of consideration.

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