Harpist Emily Hopkins

I began my journey with effects pedals to showcase the versatility of the harp, to discover new sounds, and to have a great time doing it! My musical explorations range from effect pedal demos (with or without speaking), to video game covers on harp with effects, to original music and general harp-related content. I really enjoy taking risks and incorporating humor into my videos whenever I can! Due to the diversity of my content, my audience is not limited to effects pedal enthusiasts and harpists, but extends to all artists, musicians, and composers who are interested in creating and discovering new sounds. 

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Content Creation

One of the most important elements to me as an artist and content creator is to build a trustworthy relationship and showcase your product / brand in the most engaging way possible in the form of a full-length demo with original improvisations. I have two electroacoustic harps, both lever harp and pedal harp, that I use with effects pedals, and I incorporate other instruments into my demos (kalimba, bass guitar, drums, etc.) and encourage collaborations with other artists. I have multiple outputs on my pedal harp, and with my split soundboard, I can use up to four pedal chains at once using the full range of my Camac pedal harp. 

I have also created gear demos that did not include the harp as an element. Although harp is my primary instrument, it does not limit the content I can create.

I partner with a professional audio engineer for all of my videos to ensure audio will always be of the highest quality possible.

Please email me for more information on demos & reviews!

Lead times may vary depending on my workload.


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