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I began my journey with effects pedals to showcase the versatility of the harp, to discover new sounds, and to have a great time doing it! I really enjoy taking risks and incorporating humor into my videos whenever I can. Due to the diversity of my content, my audience is not limited to effects pedal enthusiasts and harpists, but extends to all artists, musicians, and composers who are interested in creating and discovering new sounds. My audience is the most important factor when it comes to the content I create and I see my channel as a curation of music tech and gear that I personally love and can honestly recommend.

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How It Works

I am extremely selective about what I feature on my social media platforms and the manner in which I choose to present it to my audience. Here are some media packages I offer. When you email me, I will let you know which media package(s) your piece of gear is eligible for.


This includes a long form YouTube video posted to my main YouTube channel (180k subscribers), and 1-2 short form videos edited from the YouTube video to post on additional social media, such as Instagram (150k) and TikTok (140k).

I am very selective about what I feature in my long form content, and typically reserve it for the music gear that I find to be the most exceptional. My long form, main channel videos are a curation of music gear that personally resonate with me. Often, a device really resonates with me, but the device itself isn’t a good fit to be the primary subject of a long form video format on my main channel. In this case, I will offer an alternate media package.


what to expect:


Shorts are a great way to get your product seen! This includes 1-2 short form original videos to post on social media, such as Instagram, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok, and a long form, no-talking YouTube video with captions published on my second YouTube channel (3k) for a deeper dive into your product. The no-talking demos are perfect to embed on your website.

what to expect: