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Recommended Pedals

The question I get most often is: "Which effect pedal would you recommend for [chorus / reverb / distortion / etc.]?"

So I compiled a list of my favorites!

(last updated December 2022)

I also hosted the very first awards show for pedals called the EMMAs, so click here if you'd like to see and hear the winners of the best pedals that I tried in 2022!

MAS The Expanse.png
empress Para EQ MK2.png

utility pedals

EQ, compression, and other devices that will help with your tone and sound.

these utility pedals are the unsung champions of pedalboards that make all the difference!

Utility - Euna-2_edited.jpg
Utility - Bass Comp_edited.jpg
Utility - ParaEQ MKII.jpg
Utility - Broughton.jpg
Utility - OBne.jpg

reverb pedals

a great reverb pedal can make-or-break your sound, especially on the harp!

here are my favorite reverb pedals!

Reverb - Blackhole.jpg
Reverb - Darkstar.jpg
Reverb - Skylar.jpg
Reverb - Ultrasheer.jpg
Reverb - Astral Destiny.jpg
Reverb - 3 Series.jpg

delay pedals

there are SO many wonderful delay pedals on the market today, so it can be hard to choose!

Delay - Avalanche Run.jpg
Delay - Thermae.jpg
Delay - Polyphrase.jpg
Delay - Habit_edited.jpg
Delay - Particle.jpg
Delay - ADG-1.jpg

bitcrusher pedals

bringing nostalgic, video game sounds to any instrument!

Bitcrusher - Ama.jpg
Bitcrusher - Unusual EAS.jpg
Bitcrusher - Bitmap.jpg
Bitcrusher - Ottobit Jr-2.jpg

filter pedals

wahs, auto-wahs, and more!

Filter - Float.jpg
Filter - Wahcko.jpg
Filter - Paragraphs.jpg
Filter - Zzombee.jpg

chorus / vibrato / pitch shifting pedals

lots of ways to squiggle your sounds!

Pitch - Artificial Blonde-2.jpg
Pitch - Aqueduct.jpg
Pitch - Bisgby-2.jpg
Pitch - Fever Pitch.jpg

phaser / flanger pedals

flanger and "boneless flanger"

Phaser Flanger - Spaceman.jpg
Phaser Flanger - Pyramids.jpg
Phaser Flanger - 3seriesflange.jpg

lofi pedals

why sound great when you sound old and sh*tty instead?

lofi - gen loss mkii-2.jpg
lofi - woozy.jpg
lofi - golden era.jpg

tremolo pedals

chop up your signal! do it!

tremolo - ages.jpg
tremolo - respira.jpg
tremolo - whitecap.jpg
tremolo - nocturnal-2.jpg
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