Frequently Asked Questions

I receive many questions about weddings, studio work, pedal effects, and how to get started with the harp. Hopefully this page will help answer the questions you may have!

*for pedal demo information, please click here*

What kind of harp do you play?

I play a Camac Little Big Blue 44 pedal harp and a Dusty Strings Serrana 34 lever harp, and both of my harps have built-in pickups for amplification and effects pedal work. In the past, I have used a Salvi Daphne 47SE, a Dusty Strings Crescendo 34, and a Lyon & Healy Troubadour lever harp.


Can you perform at my wedding in Chicago?

Unfortunately, unless it is a very special circumstance, I cannot travel outside of Long Island, NY for weddings & events. 


How can I get started with the harp?

I HIGHLY recommend searching for a harp instructor in your area and taking lessons with a teacher. Hand position and posture is so important when learning the harp, and if you are self-taught, it can be very difficult to recognize what needs improvement. I highly recommend starting out on a lever harp, and many instructors offer rentals so you can try out a harp before you commit to a purchase. I personally rented my first harp from The Harp Connection and I began taking lessons on a Lyon & Healy Troubadour lever harp, but I also very highly recommend Dusty Strings lever harps.


How can I get started with effects pedals?

I have a video on my YouTube channel showing how I use effects pedals with my harp, which you can check out by clicking here! I have an entire playlist on my channel dedicated to effects pedal demos, so you can hear how they sound on harp and decide which ones work best for you.


Can I hire you for studio work?

Absolutely! I work closely with an audio engineer and regularly record harp parts, whether it be scored out or original improvisations. In the past, I have worked with All India RadioSabby SousaTenshi's Tale, and more.


How long have you been playing harp?

I started taking harp lessons in 2001 with Ms. Jeanne Fintz-Goldstein of Massapequa, Long Island, and in 2011 I began studying at CUNY Hunter under the instruction of Alyssa Reit. I have been performing in weddings and events since 2015, and began my journey with effects pedals in 2017.


Can you perform in my outdoor wedding?

Yes! I can perform outdoors in a shaded area if the temperature is over 60 degrees and below 80 degrees. 


What happens if it's 88 degrees outside?

Not to worry! If it is too hot or too cold to perform outdoors, my pedal harp is electroacoustic, so I can play indoors and amplify my music outdoors using my portable amplification. The humidity and high temperatures, especially during summer months, can damage the health of my instrument and severely affect the tuning, and cold temperatures can cause cracks and fractures in the wood - my worst nightmare!!


Did you really run your harp through a "fart pedal"?

Square Stage

Have more questions?

Please email me at for more information on rates & availability, or feel free to reach out on Instagram @emilyharpist